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    Organic Blueberry Green Tea


    Product Description

    Blueberry Green Tea

    This alluring, good-for-you brew combines an antioxidant-rich green tea with luscious blueberries and hibiscus. Blueberries are ranked as a ‘super fruit,’ while green tea is renowned for its potent anti-aging effects. Taste: Smooth, deep, juicy flavor and bright finish.

    Brewing Instructions: (HOT TEA) For the brightest berry notes, allow water to cool slightly after boiling to 195°F. Steep one heaping tablespoon in 12 ounces of water for 2-3 minutes.  (COLD-BREWED ICED TEA) This blend is fabulous hot or as a cold-brewed iced tea—simply mix one tablespoon of tea for every cup of fresh, cold water in a covered pitcher, refrigerate for 6-10 hours, strain, and savor!

    Taste: Smooth, deep, juicy flavor and bright finish

    Caffeine: Yes

    Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic blueberries, organic hibiscus, natural blueberry flavor, organic stevia, organic calendula petals.

    Countries of Origin: United States and China


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