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    What is Balsamic Vinegar

    Balsamic Vinegar:

    What is Balsamic Vinegar / Where it Comes From:

    Quality: Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is of Modena, Italy. Our BV is aged up to 18 years in wooden casks, with no artificial coloring, high fructose corn syrup, caramel coloring or any other thickening agents. The result is a high quality, flavorful, complex vinegar. Keep in mind, the appearance may not be a dark as other bv’s, as many commercial bv’s are using artificial ingredients to give it the look of a real, high quality balsamic vinegar. It is extremely common for commercial bv’s to contain added caramel color, as well as thickening and sweeting agents, which ours do not.

    Region: All of our balsamic vinegar comes from Modena, Italy.

    Storage: Balsamic Vinegar is susceptible to heat, light, and oxygen. It is imperative for balsamic vinegar to be stored in dark bottles away from heat and light. They do not need to be refrigerated. Don’t set bottles next to stoves. The best place to keep them is in a cupboard away from any heat or light sources.

    Shelf Life: While balsamic vinegar is not as sensitive to deterioration, it is best to be consumed within 6 months as well. The reason being, flavor is a key component to good balsamic. As it sits in a bottle, it may become more “vinegary” and acidic or appear less appetizing.

    Variety of flavors: We carry over 30 types of infused balsamic vinegars, most of which are made with our traditional bv. These are natural fruit or plant-based infusions which give our customers a plethora of applications.

    6 responses to “What is Balsamic Vinegar”

    1. Patricia Daroshefski says:

      Do you have a list nutritional information for your products.

    2. Joyce Hanover says:

      What are the actual ingredients in your vinegars? I know you said there is no corn syrup, but is there any sweetener of any kind at all?
      I am asking for reasons of allergies.
      Thanks for your reply

    3. tgoatm says:

      What is the calorie information for Rasberry Balsamic Vingarette?

    4. gail says:

      What are the actual ingredients in your vinegars? n Specifically Rasberry BV
      I am asking for reasons of allergy too.
      Peanut or sesame precautions ?
      Thank you

      • Liz Sgroi says:

        Hello, here are the ingredients: Grape must, wine vinegar, natural flavors, naturally occurring sulfites. No caramel color or additional ingredients. I can email you the nutrition facts and allergy statements, but am unable to attach the documents in this comment link. Thank you.

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