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    Coratina (Chile) Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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    Product Description

    Our 2016 Chilean Coratina touts incredible quality composition including high polyphenol antioxidant content & ↑ MUFA (Oleic Acid). This healthy choice boasts big pepper and notes of nutmeg & green apple. A durable and healthy choice with high smoke point due to its low Free fatty Acid of 0.11 –making it ideal for cooking and consuming raw:

    *Polyphenols: 336ppm             *FFA: 0.11

    *Oleic Acid: 80.0                        *Peroxide: 3.2

    *DAGs: 89                                     *PPP: 0.10

    Fruitiness:  6.0 Bitterness: 3.0  Pungency: 5.0  

    *As measured at the time of crush. Country of origin:  (Chile)

    Additional Information

    Weight 19.5 oz
    Dimensions N/A

    Sample (2 oz), Small (6.8 oz), Medium (12.7 oz), Large (25.4 oz)

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