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    Mix & Mist Oil & Vinegar Pump Sprayer



    Product Description

    Easy to use!

    A flexible and reusable solution to spraying a custom mix of oil and vinegar evenly and prepare vinaigrettes instantly.

    You will no longer have trouble guessing how much oil to use! This handy tool helps make your life easy; you can spray 100% oil, or 100% vinegar and anything in between; you can adjust the combination of desired oil and vinegar at any moment to get the perfect mixture every time.

    A quick press on the trigger will allow you to produce an oil mist or slow action will produce a dash of vinaigrette.

    Clean before first use-maintain regular cleaning- Hand wash only. Capacity 8 oz.

    Additional Information

    Weight 12 oz
    Dimensions 4 x 8 x 2.5 in